Yu Choy


– Yu Choy
– Yau Choy
– Yu Chai
– Green Choy Sum
– Choy sum
– Mongolian
– Wa Wa Choy
– Humon
– Red Stem
– Mui

Yu choy (chouk uyn jak sum) is a green leafy vegetable used in Chinese and South-east Asian cooking. It is mainly 0.4″-diameter green branching stems, with some dark green leaves and yellow flower heads.Yu Choy is a leafy vegetable that produces fleshy stalks 20-30 cm high with oval-shaped leaves. The branching stems are slender, crisp, smooth, and pale green, and attached to the stems are broad and flat, dark green leaves that have prominent veining spanning across the surface. There are also small, bright yellow flowers that first appear as green buds in loosely compacted clusters of 10-20 buds. The leaves, stems, and flowers of Yu choy are all edible and have a crunchy, tender consistency. Yu choy has a sweet, green taste similar to baby spinach, with subtle bitter and peppery notes.

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