Mr. Fresh Produce is an American company, with subsidiaries in the US and Mexico, focused on growing, sourcing, packaging and distributing our own premium ethnic and specialty vegetables and fruits.
Mr. Fresh Produce through one of its Mexican subsidiaries has several farms located throughout the country giving us the competitive advantage to grow our produce in different locations as the seasons change, enabling us to deliver a reliable year-round supply of our premium ethnic vegetables and fruits.
Mr. Fresh Produce’s Logistics gives us the capability to ship our products directly from our farms to you. Moreover, having the ability to enter the U.S. through different ports of entry allows our produce to reach major cities from coast to coast around the country faster and supplying our customers with the freshest produce available in the market.
Our Mission at Mr. Fresh Produce. is to always deliver to our clients a constant supply of:
– Product of the Highest Quality,
– Product Consistency, and
– Product Quantity.

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