Opo Indian Long Squash

Opo Indian Long Squash


– Opo Squash
– Long Squash
– Bottle Gourd
– Calabash Squash
– Cucuzzi Squash
– Long Melon
– Long Squash
– New Guinea Bean
– Snake Gourd
– Suzza Melon
– Tasmania Bean
– Zuzza Squash
– Dudhi
– Lauki
– Yu Gao
– Hu Lu Gua
– Peh Poh
– Woo Lo Kua

The Long Squash is a common vegetable all over the world for thousands of years, present in the Old and New World way before colonial times. It prefers well drained, moist rich soils and requires plenty of water to grow. Preferably grown in sunny environments, sheltered from the wind. The uses for Long Squash are as varied as its worldwide presence. For culinary uses goes from stir-fried dishes in China to soups in Italy and everything in between. Other uses are cultural like dishes or utensils in West Africa, or as musical instruments in India.

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