Gai Choy


– Gai Choy
– Chinese Mustard Greens
– Chinese Mustard
– Indian Mustard

Gai Choy is said to be native to the Central Himalayans. It is very popular in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, African, and Italian cooking. Gai choy is extremely variable in appearance – the leaves can be more or less crinkled, the thick ribs and veins more or less prominent, and colour ranges from bright to dark green.
It prefers warm and humid climates and it is very sensitive to freezing or low temperatures. Gai Choy is harvested when young or fully grown. While young it can be used as a salad green or eaten raw, when mature the flavor grows stronger and is used cooked. Gai Choy pairs up well with strong flavored meats, greens, sauces, cheeses, etc.

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