Shanghai Boc Choy


– Shanghai Boc Choy
– Chinese Cabbage
– Pok Choi
– Yóu Cài
– Qīng Cài

Shanghai Bok Choy is a special Baby Bok Choy variety with smooth spoon-shaped leaves and pale green stalks. Like regular Bok Choy, it’s entirely edible and excellent in stir-frys, braised, roasted or grilled. It has a mild, sweet cabbage-like flavor. Boc choy cabbage origins are found in South China. This vegetable is winter-hardy and therefore its use and cultivation has spread in northern Europe and North America. Pak choi is also known around the world as Chinese cabbage. Pak choi is used raw in salads and cold pastas, but mostly cooked into different dishes, stews and soups in many traditional Asian cuisines.

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